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5 Essentials To Help Survive Mum Life

Updated: Aug 1

Being a mum to a newborn and toddler is hard work, but along the way I have found a few things which have helped to make life just that little bit easier. These are items that have helped me keep my sanity, made my life a little easier and things I honestly didn't know I would need until I had them and are still all useful now. One thing I value are things that make my life easier so I can spend more time focusing on my son and spending time with him.

All opinions written are 100% my own.

1. Toweling Nappies

I bought my towels from Big W in Australia and they are called toweling nappies but I have never once tried to use them as a nappy. These towels don't seem like much on the surface but they are one of the most used items in our home for so many different reasons. The biggest bonus is, you have a decent number of them so when one gets dirty you toss it in the wash basket and grab another. They are super easy to wash and if you are too busy, tired or its raining and can't hang it on the line outside, just toss them in the dryer (sometimes surviving parenthood isn't always environmentally friendly).

When my son was first born they were the perfect spit rag for feeding times, great for catching any small vomits and even the occasional big one. They are handy on the change table so if you do make a mess, you're not having to wash the cover which you probably only have one or two of every time. I keep them in the nappy bag as an extra bit of padding and protection on his change mat for nappy changes on the go, again it's easy because I just toss it in the wash when I get home. We also use them at bath time to protect his towel from poo leaks (which are probably not something everyone has to worry about but certainly has been an issue for us with his medical problems).

When he was first born I think I had one in every room of the house to the point where I would panic if I couldn't see one close by, that would always be the time I needed one the most. I'm sure you could come up with more uses for them too, but super handy and I personally think a must have from the second your baby is born.

2. Ultimate Ears Megaboom Speaker

I don't know what your sound/speaker situation is like but this Bluetooth speaker has been a game changer for me, especially since my little man found his legs and started running around everywhere. It's super easy to sync with your phone and the sound quality is awesome from all directions so I can be moving around and still hear it perfectly. If my phone is in my pocket I can skip tracks and change volume from across the room, no hassle.

I use it mostly for music and for podcasts. It's great to play music on because my little man loves to dance, and I've found since we got it I'm more inclined to put music on for him. He seems to really feel the beat and it's fun to work out what he likes most. I feel like this is good for his development but is also a really fun bonding activity because we dance together.

It's also great for playing podcasts and audio books. It can get really quiet some days when you're home alone with a child who has limited ability to hold a conversation so to be able to easily listen to a podcast or audio book in the background when it's a little too quiet has been amazing for my own personal sanity. It helps to drown out some of the voices in my head.

3. Breville Food Processor

This food processor is an absolute beast of a machine but has been so crazy handy, especially if you decide to go down the puree feeding route. It's so fast and munches through almost anything in no time. I found the quantity it can do and the speed at which it does it really handy for a mum with a lot of balls in the air. It makes food super smooth but if you want it a bit lumpier as they get older you can munch for shorter amounts of time to get the desired texture.

The other thing I love using it for is grating. With my arthritic hands I hate spending ages grating vegetables for different dishes like rosti or coleslaw but this machine can do it in quite literally seconds. It wasn't so great with grating real leafy things like spring onion greens but I probably should have seen that coming. It saved me a lot of time and energy getting these dishes ready and makes me more inclined to prepare them. I'll put a recipe for my vegetable rosti up at some point because it is so yummy and healthy and my son loves it.

4. Dyson Cordless Vacuum

A vacuum might seem like an odd one to include in a list of essentials to help survive mum life but hear me out. Everyone has vacuums, but the Dyson cordless vacuum makes one of the most hated, mundane chores in our house a little less hateful. To be honest when we first bought it there was a bit of argy bargy about who would get to do the vacuuming rather than who would have to do it, like in the times before we had the Dyson stick.

Finding time for chores like vacuuming isn't always the easiest, especially when you are exhausted and sleep deprived, but I found it amazing how much time the cordless Dyson saves as well as energy. Not having to plug and unplug a big machine and also not having to lug and wrestle the wheels and hose, which are always wanting to go a different direction to you. It also makes it really easy to clean up a small pile of crumbs created by tiny messy eaters too, just whip it out and mess is gone in seconds. I've even managed to use it while carrying my tiny human around on the days where he is particularly needy and just wants cuddles.

Honestly I think every house needs one of these, whether you have a child or not. It has made life so much easier and they work so well, even in our house full of dog fur, it sucks it all right up.

5. Tula Baby Carrier

A baby carrier has been more of a lifesaver than I ever anticipated. It has made certain situations so much easier and is way more comfortable and easy to wear than I ever expected. I have a Tula baby carrier and I find it extremely supportive and comfortable (I was lucky enough to inherit it from a wonderfully generous friend). Not only is it comfortable for me but my little man loves being in it, he snuggles in and doesn't struggle to get down and run away like he will when I'm carrying him around without it.

It was extremely handy when we went away on holidays and discovered he was a nightmare in the pram during slow walking in shops, markets or museums. He hated those places in the pram but was more than happy to put up with them when he was in the carrier attached to me. He would even happily go to sleep in it, if it was around nap time, which meant we were able to be more flexible with timings of going out too. We were also able to go on a small nature walk, which would have been impossible with the pram, but was really nice for all of us and he loved looking around at everything too.

Honestly I can't say enough how useful this has been for us. When he's been sick at home or had stomach pains and I've not been able to find a way to comfort him, I put him in his carrier and walk around for a while and he calms right down. He loves it and I love it.

I hope you've enjoyed my list of items I found essential to helping survive mum life and maybe found something you could use to help you get through some of the tougher days being a parent. It's a wonderful, but hard gig being a parent and if I can help you find even something small that makes your day a little easier or more enjoyable then I will have achieved a massive goal.

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Happy family

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