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5 Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day with a Toddler

This blog post is purely intended to be a piece of fun and should not be taken as sound relationship advice! Who knows though, you might find something useful or something fun but please don't take any of this too seriously.

My husband and I weren't big into Valentine's Day before my son was born but we would try to do the odd little thing to show our love for each other. Last Valentine's Day though, my son was only a few months old, we were just beginning to settle into being parents and still going through the turmoil of many doctors visits and more surgeries to come. To be perfectly honest, I don't remember the day at all. I'm sure at some point during the day we smiled at each other and said Happy Valentine's Day but who knows. If we did it was likely as we were dozing off to sleep minutes before we were jolted awake by hungry screams.

This year my son is older, but to be perfectly honest life isn't that much simpler or easier. It's chaotic, messy, busy and exhausting so finding time to slip in a little romance honestly feels like more of a chore than anything else. Because of this I thought I'd offer some tips for surviving Valentine's Day with a toddler in tow.

5 Tips for Surviving Valentine's Day with a Toddler:

Tip 1: Give each other permission to forget. If you want your relationship to survive remember you are both exhausted. Maybe you have one of those angels who sleeps through the night, or maybe you have one like mine who wakes up multiple times in the night and then is ready to start their day at 5 am. Either way you're probably exhausted anyway because toddlers never stop moving.

Cut each other some slack, honestly it's just another day. So if your beloved partner forgets to get you anything or even forgets to say anything, just forgive them. It will not be the end of the world if you skip this Hallmark holiday. I'm sure there are little ways you show each other you care every day, even if it is as small as a kiss goodnight.

Tip 2: If you are desperate to celebrate, why not find something you can all do as a family? It isn't always easy to find baby sitters and not everyone is comfortable leaving their children for extended periods of time for a whole gamut of reasons, sometimes personal, sometimes medical and that's OK. So plan a fun little day or evening for all of you.

Find a nice activity you can do as a family like having a picnic at the park or the beach. Pack some balls and just muck around together having some fun. Spend time together remembering your love created the little family you have now, and take a moment to cherish it. I'm sure there are other things you could do too depending on the age of your toddler, play games together, get messy in the kitchen baking cookies together, put the sprinkler on in the back yard and run around in your undies. Anything works, it's just about being together not what you do together.

Tip 3: Shop online. If you really feel the need to buy a present, do it online. It is so much quicker and easier than going into a store, and it's something you can do at night in the 10 minutes between getting into bed and passing out from complete exhaustion. Grab your phone (I know, I'm promoting poor sleep habits here) and go to amazon or any other online shop and find something fun. You don't have to spend a bundle to buy something cute or fun and if you have a toddler life is likely to be getting more expensive by the day.

I did a bit of the leg work for you and here are a few ideas you might like (disclaimer: these are affiliate links, if you purchase anything through these amazon links I make a small commission).

Can't decide between a teddy bear or roses? Why not both in one?!

The perfect gift because these days there just never seems to be enough toilet paper anywhere! It will always be appreciated I'm sure!

Or the cute, but very corny, his and her key rings! You'll always be in each others pockets!

Just a few fun ideas but in all honestly if you want to make your life easier, just shop online. Use the spare time you would have spent going into a physical store, walking around getting frustrated, waiting at a checkout and then driving home again, by helping your partner clean the house, I'm sure that will be greatly appreciated. Better yet, skip presents altogether and just clean the house for your partner!

Tip 4: Buy your favourite takeaway and your favourite, easiest desert and enjoy a night together at home. The dinner might be the usual chaos, with food flying across the room and tiny humans insisting they share their dinner with the dog rather than eat it themselves, but you can always try and enjoy desert in that golden hour once the munchkin is in bed and before you fall asleep, drooling on the couch. Remember emphasis on the easy!

You could always try watching half a movie together too, don't expect to watch it all because one of you will fall asleep and start snoring, so just aim for half from the get go and no one is left disappointed. Who knows, maybe you'll watch the other half next year. You could always play a board game together too, always great for bonding. Just remember no Monopoly! I don't want to be the cause of and divorces on Valentine's Day.

Tip 5: Just skip it. Just agree well in advance between the two of you to give yourselves a break this year and skip it. You both probably have a million things running through your mind you need to do, don't create more pressure for yourselves.

And don't pay attention to what your friends are doing or anyone on the internet is doing. No one needs that added to their guilt trough. Just do what you gotta do to get through it together.

I hope you enjoyed this post, another glimpse into what life is like with a toddler. Just remember if you all survive to the end of the day, that's a win! Don't forget to subscribe and share the fun with all your friends.

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