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8 Fashion Trends for the New Mum

Becoming a mum has changed me in a lot of ways, some I expected and some which I didn't. One of those has been the way I look and the way I feel about it. I was never massively into fashion or anything to begin with but I liked to wash my hair everyday and never left the house without at least a small amount of makeup on. These small acts made me more comfortable with how I looked in public.

This is something which I'm sure is different for every new mum, especially if you have a baby who is a nice napper or happy to play on their own, mine is neither. I wanted to talk about the reality of how motherhood changed my perspective on how I needed to look. I'm happy with my mum body and if I get a little grubby while we are out and come home smelling like whatever snack we'd used as a distraction, then that's OK.

8 Fashion Trends for the New Mum

1. The milk stained yet surprisingly comfortable feeding bra. I'm still wearing feeding bras because I can't come at the thought of having to face an underwire again. They may not be the most attractive bras in the world and not always the most supportive but they are a lot more comfortable than my old bras.

I never managed to work out how to get through a feed without getting milk stains on my bra. I'm sure there is some amazing life hack I missed out there somewhere, if you know maybe post it in the comments to help other mothers out. Either baby would dribble everywhere or just get bored and jump off mid feed leaving my milk to pour everywhere. Breastfeeding is far from a glamorous procedure and the bras that go with them are made to fit that task.

2. The mum hair style. The mum hair can go three ways. Number one, you can persist with the long flowing hair that, by the end of the day, will inevitably be a mess of tangles and baby saliva. Long hair to a baby is like chocolate to a pregnant woman, it's going to end up in their mouth whether you like it or not. They will spend their day putting their cute, tiny little hands in it and then grabbing with a nice hard yank, holding on for dear life in a vice like grip you can't understand how they are even capable of.

Number two, you can tie it up in the morning which starts the day looking nice and neat but somehow the tiny human realises they can still pull clumps out the top. This leads to an extremely lumpy, messy hair do. It's also pretty painful and constantly retying your hair or leaving half hanging out gets old fast.

Then there is number three, the mum who very quickly got sick of all this. The time poor and sleep deprived mum went to the hairdresser and just said "cut it all off" and when they said OK, we'll do a wash and style she says, "no time, hungry baby at home, just cut it." This ends in what can only be described as a messy sort of bob. As this grows out slowly the hope is that tiny hands will be less interested in grabbing and eating the hair. It was a nice theory but who has time to go get their hair cut again.

3. The latest in mum accessories is the stylish spit rag carefully placed over the left shoulder (or right if you prefer). This is an essential mum accessory, while you never seem to be able to fully protect your clothes from spills and spit up it gives the impression you are at least attempting too. If you forget this accessory or leave it in another room after the baby falls asleep on you, there will be a moment of panic before you realise there's nothing you can do and go back to getting lost in your tiny humans sleeping face.

4. The I really should have washed my hair this morning but my baby wouldn't stop crying so I only had a five second shower look. This look leaves the mothers hair shiny and clumpy and the more you brush it, the worse it looks. It goes really well with the permanent bags under her eyes from lack of sleep. This is an all too real reality of motherhood and I gave up one my once cherished, daily hair washes pretty much the second my little monkey was born.

5. The baggy, loose fitting top to carefully hide the new mum body you haven't quite gotten used to yet look. Thankfully mum tummy does shrink a lot over the first couple of weeks, but nothing is quite the same for a long time. Getting the toned tummy look back takes a lot of time and energy most mothers don't have the capacity for (I know some do and they are amazing but I do not). The loose flowing top does wonders to help hide this until you are comfortable to wear your old clothes again and, thankfully, most feeding tops are loose and flowing around the tummy.

6. The two face look. This happens when you go out and realise you've only put foundation on half your face because the baby started crying halfway through the application process and you forgot to go back to it. To manage this one, try and rub off as much as you can from the other side and stay in the shadows only exposing your good side to the light. It's too easy to forget to go back to things when you're running on 3 hours of broken sleep so it's no surprise that one day you forget half your face.

7. The perfectly circular milk stains caused by another baby crying somewhere within earshot and your boobs deciding to explode right through your clothes. Why nature decided this would be useful I have no idea. Breast pads can help prevent this but sometimes even these aren't enough to prevent the embarrassment of milk stains on your top. I learnt quickly what tops showed these worse than others and they quickly disappeared from the rotation.

8. This last fashion trend I'm sure has occurred to most new mothers. The why should I bother getting out of my gross stained pyjamas just so clean clothes can get dirty and make more washing. Since having a baby the washing load has, at the very least, doubled but I suspect early days it was a lot more than that. So why would I knowingly create more work for myself if I don't have to? The option to stay in already dirty pyjamas was always a good one and honestly an extremely comfortable one. The times I decided to put clean clothes on inevitably led to spit ups withing 15 minutes and having to get changed again.

I hope you enjoyed my 8 fashion trends for the new mum. These all come from personal experience, even the two face. I remember looking in the car mirror one day and trying to work out what was wrong with my face. I'd put foundation on half my face but missed one cheek and my forehead. To this day I still don't know exactly how or what distracted me. There's every chance I had a micro-nap while staring in the mirror.

Being a mum is a wonderful and rewarding experience, but I think it's also important not to downplay how difficult it can be. Everyone's experience will be different, but this was mine and I'm sure I'm not alone with a number of these. The reality of motherhood is that it's messy, exhausting and hard but I wouldn't have my life any other way now.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed it and feel free to leave a comment about some of your own experiences. The more we share the less alone we will all feel. Don't forget to subscribe to stay up to date on future posts.

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