• Meghan Douglass

Insatiable Desire

I roll over, still half asleep. Delicate perfume invades my nostrils, bringing with it so many fond memories. I enjoy the camera roll of memories playing over in my mind.

Your beautiful smile and bright eyes lit up the world with a golden glow. I can still remember running my fingers softly over the heart shaped birth mark on the side of your neck. It was the first thing I noticed when I laid eyes on you sitting and reading your book in the park. I watched you, waiting for you to look up and notice me, you didn’t that first day, but when you did I felt my heart skip a beat.

The clarity of that day is forever embedded on my soul, you were radiant and gorgeous. Everything around us stopped as our eyes locked for the first time, so silent and still. The nervous smile you sent my way did nothing to quell your charm, it merely added to your delicacy. I still remember the spongy way the damp grass moved beneath my feet as I made my way to you. Every sensation and movement so vivid and clear.

You continued to read your book thinking this would deter me but I could not be moved. My feelings were too strong and you had become irresistible to me. I spoke, you listened, feigning interest in my banal chit chat. I knew you wanted to get back to your book, but I saw a glimmer of interest beginning to sparkle in your eyes.

Looking back on that moment now I couldn’t have imagined how perfect it would all turn out. The pure, unadulterated bliss you gave me was beyond my imagination. The feeling of your perfect skin beneath my hungry fingers was ecstasy.

I want to feel you again so I run my hands over your slightly bloated stomach, your skin now soft and doughy, it feels better everyday you’re here with me. You won’t be able to stay in bed with me forever though, eventually you will have to go. People are starting to notice your absence. Your phone, which lay ignored and forgotten on the floor, has rung and rung and rung. So many unanswered message since you had become mine.

I look at my nightstand where a once razor-sharp blade now lay, dulled by your congealing blood which had become as thick as honey and almost as sweet. Time to go my love, I have a safe place for you to rest with plenty of others to keep you company. I’ll visit again soon and maybe I’ll bring you more friends.

The cleanup was never fun but the time had come. After it was done I went for a walk to clear the cobwebs, I’d been in bed with you for days. A fresh smile flashed my way as she flowed past me a new, delicate perfume drawing me in and erasing you from my mind.


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