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Travelling with a Toddler (part 2)

Updated: Mar 13

I have to admit, things haven’t gotten easier since the plane ride, although he has been better than I expected. It has been a massive change in not only environment for the little guy buy also routine. At home I do tend to stick to a pretty structured routine, I’m not inflexible with it but my day at home with him is generally pretty predictable. On holiday all of this goes completely out the window and to top it all off, we are going through one of those amazing stages known as the “Wonder Weeks”. For the record, these are not wonderful and if you haven’t learnt about them already, I highly recommend the Wonder Weeks App . It explains why your normally placid child has suddenly turned into a tiny demon.

We are staying in a one bedroom apartment which has turned out not too bad. The cot is set up in the living room so once the little guy goes down for the night, we camp out in the bedroom. That sounds worse than it is, it’s nice for two exhausted parents to be forced to stop moving for a while.

Going from a normal cot at home to a travel cot is a bit of a tricky transition. Travel cots have these awful hard slats in the bottom of them, they do not seem like the most comfortable apparatus. One thing I did to minimise the difference was bring familiar sheets and blankets from home so it would hopefully smell and feel as similar as possible. The thing that is hardest for us is not being able to let him cry for even a few minutes because I hate the thought of disturbing everyone else here In the apartment block. This means he isn’t getting a chance to resettle himself like he would at home and is taking a lot more cuddling to go back to sleep. Which is both lovely because he’s so cute and exhausting at the same time.

Another major difficulty we have had is the lack of high chair in the room and also a number of the pubs and restaurants we have gone to. My son is used to eating all his meals in a high chair at home, there is only the odd exception like when we go to someone else’s house. This has made feeding time significantly more difficulty. Not being tied down means he thinks he can run around and play and eat at the same time. Depending on his mood, meals are hit and miss but always more stressful than normal.

Not having a high chair in the apartment is one thing but trying to wrestle a toddler on your lap and eat something yourself when you’re out is next to impossible. My husband and I take turns chasing him around and trying to get food in his mouth in the few seconds he will sit still. It does not make for an enjoyable meal and half the time you get to the end and realise your exhausted but have barely eaten a thing. When you can get a high chair it is like gold! You can tie them down and distract them with finger food and it’s fantastic.

The lesson from all of that for us has been, call ahead to places and make sure they have a high chair. A 14 month old is almost unmanageable any other way. And carry a variety of different snacks for your tiny human because one might be easier to give in a certain situation than another.

Another thing we have learnt is pick your activities carefully. My little man will happily sit in the stroller when we go for a walk outside, but the second we are inside anywhere and slow walking, the screaming starts. He gets bored and wants to either be held or run around, and heaven forbid you try to hold his hand. This isn’t easy in shops, markets or museums. One thing I do find that helps with this is wearing him in a carrier. He seems more content and less likely to try to escape when I have him strapped to my front so I would highly recommend a carrier when travelling. Especially one that can be worn by mum or dad so you can take turns if one of you starts getting exhausted.

I’m sure I will have more updates soon on the joys of travelling with a toddler and hopefully a few handy hints along the way too. I will touch more on dealing with his bowel issues while travelling too. If you like my stuff, don’t forget to subscribe.

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